The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist in Sydney CBD

Everyone has ways of dealing with stressful, sad, or otherwise difficult situations. Sometimes, these coping methods are unhealthy and can worsen the problem or lead to new challenges. If you are having trouble coping with stress, depression, anxiety, anger, or ... read more.

Help for Anxiety Disorders from an Anxiety Psychologist in Sydney

An anxiety psychologist in Sydney sees clients with many different symptoms. Anxiety disorders are common and often treatable – however, that doesn’t make them any less difficult for the person experiencing them. They can present in different ways, such as ... read more.

Evidence-Based Phobia Treatment Available in Sydney CBD

Everyone experiences fear of certain objects, animals, or experiences. When that fear goes beyond the typical feeling of being scared, and a significant unrelenting fear emerges, it may be a phobia. A phobia is a mental syndrome, classified as anxiety, ... read more.

Compassionate OCD Psychologist in Sydney Offers After-Hours Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is commonly referred to as OCD. This is a common, chronic disorder in which someone has uncontrollable recurring thoughts urging them to repeat a behaviour over and over. This disorder is two-fold because the patient must deal with ... read more.

Experienced Trauma Psychologist in Sydney CBD Offers Compassionate Care

Life is hard, and sometimes people experience stressful or disturbing events that leave them feeling helpless and disconnected. Emotional and psychological trauma can be the result of physical experiences that take a while to get over. When upsetting emotions and ... read more.

Seeking the Services of a Depression Psychologist in Sydney CBD

Feeling sad or “down” at times is a normal response to certain situations such as disappointment, criticism, or rejection. Normal sadness does not significantly affect the way we function or our overall quality of life. Depression, on the other hand, ... read more.

Where to Find Anger Management Counselling in Sydney

Occasional anger is normal and even healthy. Everyone becomes frustrated from time to time. However, some people experience real problems with anger management. For these individuals, anger becomes all-consuming and can have an adverse effect on their health, career, and ... read more.

Stress Management in Sydney CBD at LMPsychology

Stress is a normal part of life. However, in today’s busy world, stress can become overwhelming, and its negative effects can have an impact on our quality of life, our relationships, our jobs, and more. When we are faced with ... read more.

Compassionate Grief Psychologist in Sydney offers Guidance

We all experience grief at some point in our lives. It’s a reaction to loss which encompasses a wide variety of feelings. Significant losses take us on a journey through guilt, sadness, regret, and other painful emotions that can be ... read more.


Changing Our Habits: FebFast

Well, the month is over and I’ve now completed FebFast, the alcohol-free challenge. After the celebrations and parties …

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Open Hand Raised, Stop Suicide

RUOK? Suicide: Have the Conversation

This year, the message of RUOK Day (11th September ) is ‘have the conversation’. Asking someone whether they are thinking …

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