Specific Fears & Phobias

phobia treatment

Evidence-Based Phobia Treatment Available in Sydney CBD

Everyone experiences fear of certain objects, animals, or experiences. When that fear goes beyond the typical feeling of being scared, and a significant unrelenting fear emerges, it may be a phobia. A phobia is a mental syndrome, classified as anxiety, which may interfere with an individual’s ability to function normally. A phobia may even feature objects or situations which are not typically threatening, such as a fear of open or closed-in spaces, yet the intense anxiety is uncontrollable.

Successful phobia treatment involves Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and an evidence-based treatment approach provided by a warm and understanding, experienced clinical psychologist. Each phobia therapy plan is tailored to an individual patient and their personal life experiences. With easy to reach offices in Sydney CBD and Hurlstone Park I strive to make treatment available to everyone by offering after hours and Saturday appointments. Living with a phobia can be nerve-wracking and have a negative impact on your social, personal, and occupational life. Seeking treatment from a qualified phobia counsellor in Sydney CBD who understands the problematic distress it causes can help you overcome your fear and find a positive coping strategy.

Some fears are rational, but if you are experiencing panic related to objects, animals, or experiences which are typically not threatening it may be time to get help. If you are changing your regular routine to avoid certain situations or places because of significant distress, don’t ignore the warning signs. Empathetic, non-judgmental evidence-based phobia treatment is available and accessible in Sydney CBD from LMPsychology.

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