Self-esteem & Confidence

low self esteem treatment

Confidence and Self-esteem are terms often used interchangeably, yet are actually two different qualities.

Confidence relates to action, that is, if we want to build confidence in our ability to succeed at something we have to take action in the direction of the desired goal. For example, if I want to improve my confidence in public speaking I have to take steps towards speaking before an audience, such as speaking up at meetings. Self-esteem on the other hand is your opinion of yourself, how you value yourself, how we appraise our self-worth. Our self-esteem has a significant impact on how we act and relate both towards ourselves and others.

We can have self-confidence in some situations (e.g. I can ride a horse competently), but not value myself as a person. Alternatively, I can have good self-esteem, but not be confident in some situations (e.g. where maths is required-but enough about me!). Psychological therapy can have a positive impact on both your confidence and self-esteem. Contact Louise Morrow to discuss your needs.

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