Independent Psychological Assessments

psychological assessment

LM Psychology provides clinical assessments to assist to HR Managers, OH&S practitioners and Case Managers.

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments can be useful in determining an individual’s fitness for work and the extent to which they are experiencing psychological difficulties.

An individual may be referred for a psychological assessment when it has been identified that they are experiencing problems in the workplace. Alternatively, a psychological assessment may be requested when an employee has been certified unfit to work due to psychological problems and an employer is keen to assist in their return to work through gaining an understanding of what barriers their might be to returning to work.

An independent psychological assessment includes an assessment of an individual’s psychological functioning, clarification of symptoms and an assessment of the impact of those symptoms on the individual’s personal and occupational functioning. The determination of a diagnosis and factors contributing to the onset of the psychological disorder will allow for the development of treatment goals, as well as assist with developing a return to work plan. Barriers to returning to work can be identified and solutions proposed to overcome those barriers.

Pre-liability Assessments

For over 15 years LM Psychology has conducted comprehensive assessments to assist Case Managers determine liability for psychological injury claims. A pre-liability assessment is a comprehensive process which includes the clinical assessment of the worker, including psychometric assessment, factual interviews with all relevant stakeholders and liaison with treating medical and allied health practitioners. Information is provided with respect to the significant factors identified as precipitating the onset of an injured worker’s psychological disorder and recommendations made with respect to injury management.

LM Psychology understands the importance of providing a cost effective, timely service with respect to the provision of reports. A commitment is made to providing reports within 7-10 days of recieving the referral. The fee for the service is based on the recommended Australian Psychological Society rates.


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